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Dear friends, we are happy to announce Chervona's "Signature Party":
9th annual Old New Year Ball - 2015 - Jan 10th, at Star Theater Portland!

TICKETS ARE ON SALE: http://PortlandOldNewYear2015.bpt.me
For questions, VIP tickets and reserved seating call: 503-2301488

Door at 8 pm, 21+ , dress code - DRESS TO IMPRESS
The 9th annual Old New Year spectacular has sold out the past 5 years
in a row and we encourage you to get tickets and reserve tables in advance and as soon as possible.

Come celebrate Old New Year with your friends to keep your spirits high! 

This year we'll bring on stage of the Star Theater "ALL STARs CHERVONA SHOW".
Show that include musicians and singers well-known in the community singing and
playing along with the high-energy Chervona beats. 

Old New Year 2015 Flyer

Every year since 2008 Chervona is headlining Portland Polish festival. Everybody Dance!


Chervona made a x-mass video (Bottoms Up!) and released rough cut of it right before New Year 2012. We couldn't get it all done perfect in the given amount of time and plan to get REMIXED version for the the next X-mass. We still hope you'll enjoy what you gonna see!

What does Eastern European Party Band have to do with Portlands mini bike sub culture... Freedom ? Passion for a party? Check out the video and find an answer:


Gas Pump Queen Video is up on ChervonaTV

Show dates2014

Sat, Juanuary 11th, 2014 , OLD RUSSIAN NEW YEAR PARTY!, Star Theater, Portland
Fri, March 14, with Vagabond Opera at The Wow Hall, Eugene, OregonFri, June 20, 9pm
ChervonaParty at Caspar Inn, Capspar, CA
Sat, June 21, 10pm - Red Marines Music Festival, North, CA
Th, June26, 9pm - Kupala/Mid Summer Party at Alberta Street Pub, Portland, OR
Sat, June 28, 6pm - Wine Club Party at Pheasant Valley Winery, Hood River, OR
Th, July 3, 6 pm - McMenamins Old Church&Pub , all ages, Wilsonville, OR
Tue, July 8, 6pm, ALL AGES, Mt. Tabor Park Amphitheater, Portland, OR
Sat, Sept 20, 8pm - Polish Festival, Portland, OR

Sat, Nov 1st, 8pm - Star Theater, Portland Oregon with Vagabond Opera

Show dates 2013:
January 12, Russian OldNew Year Party, Star Theater, Portland, OR
February 8, CHOP SUEY, Seattle, WA, with KULTUR SHOCK
February 9, TBA, Portland, OR, with KULTUR SHOCK
March 8, TBA, Portland, OR - International Women's Day Party
Fri, April 12, 8 pm - Yuri's Day at Reedd Colledge , Portland
Fri, April 26, 9pm - Everybody's Brewing , White Salmon, WA
Sat, April 27, 9pm - White Eagle, Portland
Sat, May 18, 3pm - Mayfest at Oaks Amuzement Park , Portland
Fri, May 24, 9pm - Folklife Prefunk! with BDT & Erev Rav,Conor Byrne Pub, Seattle
Sat, May 25, 8pm - NW Folklife Festival, Fountain Lawn Stage, Seattle.
Thu, May 30, 9pm - Chervona Party! Alberta Street Pub, Portland
Sat, June 29, 9pm - Chervona Retreat Party! Trout Lake Inn, Trout Lake, WA
Tue, July 23, 8pm - with ! FANFARE CIOCARLIA !, Alberta Rose Theater, Portland
Sat, July 27, 2pm - Slavic Festival PDX, Portland
Sat, Aug 17, 9pm - Romany Festival afteparty, Bob White Theater, Portland
Thu, Aug 29, 6pm - Ventura Park concert for City Of Portland, Portland
Sat, Sept 21, 8pm - Portland Polish Festival
Sat, Sept 28, 9pm - with 3 leg Torso , Dante's, Portland
Fri, Nov 1, 9pm - Halloween Party with Vagabond Opera, Star Theater, Portland
Fri, Nov 8, Portland-Chabarovsk Sistership Fundraiser, Old Church, Portland
Sat, Nov 16, Swashbucklers Ball, The Melody Ballroom, Portland
Sat, Nov 23, Chervona's Bday Party!, Alberta Street Pub, Portland
Tue, Dec 31st, New Year Eve with Pink Martini at Crystal Ballroom - tickets

General booking: andre @ starbugs.com

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